Redivider EP

by Redivider

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released January 21, 2010

All songs written and recorded by Redivider.
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering.


all rights reserved



Redivider Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: A New Life
now the news has reached the surface
and extends farther still
a new life
we found
a new life

we found something
deep inside the ocean
it is not so cold
i can see small lights
things zooming past

and i feel
and i feel
and i feel
at home
where are you

deep inside my heart
fossils move again
there's so much to see here
you just never looked

and i feel
like i found freedom
in the beauty that i would
not know
and the closest thing to me
is this hidden world
i stay here

uninvited i found
found my way there
not expecting the warmth
a rebirth.
Track Name: Nomads
this moment
don't care
how precious it might have been
i'm moving
a million lives
all i left behind
will not take me away
will not push me aside.

over before i
the things i gotta do right now

forgetting myself

my decisions
lead me here
i don't regret my past
taken me away

the walls that trapped me here awhile
were too weak for the spark
that drove me inside

the one who tells me
that things have gotta be this way
i wouldn't listen
and now it's changing once again

it's never gonna be the same
i'm gonna run forever
Track Name: Mute
the banks
the house
the leaves
with summer
on that road
in the dawn i'll
wait to hear
from you then

in the morning light
we'll meet again
without much to spare
forget that
come and meet me here
one more day
then you can go back
but it won't be the same

like you had before
stopped trying to believe
that you had the strength to live
just to be just to breathe
when you locked yourself inside
of the places that you knew
trapped by something i can't stop
that is why
i reach out
i reach out to you

try to think
the last time we
left our cares
for tomorrow
is real what is dream
you could choose that with me

if we leave today
to find something
you can take it back
and know i'm here
fragile it will break
if you don't care
happiness will wait that you will never feel
Track Name: Patterns
down by the banks
i learned your sound
shatters the air
fractures the stars
you make the leaves
as they bow down
stencil the ground
with their patternmaking
and as the rain
falls on your surface
i lose my sight
when you lose your stillness

and i'm not alone

i'm here with you.

competing with
light from the moon
we make our cries
chirping and blinking
all in a round
not for ourselves
just for the grandness
of what is life

daring to turn
walking back home
scents in the air
still weave the story
will i forget
become unknown
my heart is welcome here
i'll return

in the air
where I
rise too
when i
look up
past the trees
the warm air
carries me
to the clouds
i take with me my own

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